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Graduate Degrees We are currently recruiting a graduate student interested in obtaining a MS/PhD in Health and Human Physiology. IWe are seeking applicants with a particular interest in the links between early life psychosocial stress and lifetime cardiovascular risk. The successful applicant will have the opportunity to study in an active, collaborative, team-oriented environment performing in-vivo clinical, human subjects research. Students will learn and enhance their abilities in integrative physiology, psychosocial determinants of health, clinical-translational research, written and oral scientific communication, teaching, mentorship, and grantsmanship. Underrepresented and minority students are particularly encouraged to apply. Interested individuals should contact Dr. Nate Jenkins at nathaniel-jenkins@uiowa.edu. More information about the graduate programs within the Department of Health and Human Physiology can be found at https://clas.uiowa.edu/hhp/graduate.

Undergraduate Research Experiences We are always glad to host undergraduate students in our lab. If you are an undergraduate student interested in gaining experience in applied physiological/health research through independent study or honors in the major, please contact Dr. Nate Jenkins at nathaniel-jenkins@uiowa.edu.